Overview of the Program

What is it?

The abercrombie workout is a specialized fitness program thats broken down into 4 distinct parts the workout guide, the cardio guide, the diet guide, and the supplement guide. The problem with most programs is that they only rely on one of these things, either a diet, a workout plan, or just taking a few supplements. The key to building that male fitness model physique is to use all three of these things together. This is because these parts all work together synergistically, meaning that when used together they increase the effectiveness each other. This holds true for all 3 parts of this program and when all are used correctly the results are guaranteed to be better than they would be otherwise. Obviously in addition to stuff like this you want to make sure you’re also getting enough sleep (if you’re like me that means getting a sleepmask so you don’t wake up as soon as the sun comes up!) and living an overall healthy lifestyle.

What Does The Program Focus On?

Since the objective of a fitness model workout is to develop a body similar to that of a fitness model, the key areas targeted by the abercrombie workout are the chest, shoulders, abs, and arms. Other areas such as the legs, forearms, back, and traps are also targeted in the abercrombie workout program, but they aren’t stressed at the same level as the other muscle groups since they’re not as important in achieving the abercrombie and fitness model type of physique.

The Workout Breakdown

The abercrombie model workout is broken down into 3 distinct phases:



Why Three Phases?

The abercrombie workout is designed this way because a fitness routine that doesn’t adjust with the changes being made by the body will never work. A common problem people face when starting a new workout program is that the program will work great at first but after a little while the results will slow down or stop completely.

Another problem people face is they’ll use a workout program designed for someone like a competitive bodybuilder. These type of workouts aren’t designed for the average person, but rather someone who has been religiously training for over five years and due to this these programs result in little to no gains for the average person. The way the abercrombie workout solves this problem is by adjusting the workout routine as your body grows and changes.

Another Reason For Three Phases :

An additional problem with most workout programs is that they overlook the fact that it is immensely hard for the human body to build substantial amounts of muscle while at the same time trying to reduce body fat levels. Again, this fitness model workout overcomes this dilemma by using phases or cycles. By cycling the workouts we’re able to maximize muscle growth during one period and then maxmize fat loss in another, resulting in the highest level of total muscle growth and fat loss possible.

Alright lets move on to the workout:

Phase one – The Muscle Prep Phase

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