Phase One – Cardio Routine

Phase 1 Breakdown

The cardio routine for the first phase of the abercrombie workout is pretty simple and can be broken down into two parts, the training day routine and the off-day routine. The training day cardio routine takes place on the same days as the weight training routineand all it requires is 10 to 15 minutes of medium intensity cardio prior to your weight lifting session.

Off-day cardio isn’t too difficult either; the off day cardio consists of a simple 30 minute medium intensity cardio session. That’s all for the cardio during the first phase of theabercrombie workout program.

Cardio Routine Daily Schedule
Day Time Length
Monday Pre-Workout 10-15 mins
Tuesday Pre-Workout 10-15 mins
Wednesday Morning 30 mins + Abs
Thursday Pre-Workout 10-15 mins
Friday Pre-Workout 10-15 mins
Saturday Morning 30 mins + Abs
Sunday Morning 30 mins + Abs

*the cardio sessions should consists of running, biking, or elliptical sessions preferably.

Fitness Model Phase One – Ab Routine

For phase one of the abercrombie workout the abdominal workouts are done on the days we don’t weight training and since the goal of phase one is to build up our base muscle the routines aren’t to difficult. Each day of the week you have to pick two of the following four exercies:

  • Basic Crunch
  • Reverse Crunches
  • The Bicycle
  • Yoga Ball Crunch


After choosing two exercises, you need to perform three sets of the first exercise prior to your cardio routine and perform the other set after you have finished your cardio. On each set do as many reps as possible before resting (resting in between sets should be between 30 seconds and a minute.)

Now that we’ve covered the weight training and cardio portions of phase one, it’s time to move on to probably the two most important parts of the entire fitness model program, the diet and supplementation sections.

Phase One – Diet Section

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