Phase 2 – Cardio

Cardio for Mass Building?

Since the second phase of the abercrombie workout is designed to maximize musclegrowth the cardio work is kept to a minimum. Too much cardio training can be detrimental to muscle growth as it can put the body into a catabolic state where the body breaks down it’s own muscle for energy and that’s the last thing we want to happen during our muscle-building phase. To avoid this problem no cardio session will be longer than 20 minutes during our muscle-building phase.

We’ll break down the cardio into two programs during this phase, the weight-training day and the off day. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (or whenever you choose to do your weight training sessions) all we will do for cardio is a short 10 minute jog before weight training. The off day cardio routine will consist of a 20 minute cardio session of your choice (i.e. running, biking, elliptical, rollerblading…) In addition to this the off day cardio will only be done twice a week. The two off-days you train on are up to you, but it would be most effective to do one of the cardio routines during the week and another one of the cardio routines during the weekend in an attempt to keep your metabolism up through out the week.

Cardio Routine Daily Schedule
Day Time Length
Monday Pre-Workout 10 mins
Tuesday Morning 20 mins + Abs
Wednesday Pre-Workout 10 mins
Thursday None None
Friday Pre-Workout 10 mins
Saturday Morning 20 mins + Abs
Sunday None None

*the cardio sessions should consists of running, biking, or elliptical sessions preferably.

Fitness Model Ab Routine – Phase 2

In addition to the Ab work we did as part of the weight training were also doing two more abs session as part of our cardio program. These ab routines each consist of 3exercises and 3 sets per exercise. The three exercises performed during the cardio portion of the abercrombie workouts second phase are:

  • Basic Crunch
  • Abdominal Bicycle
  • Oblique Crunch


*For each exercise perform 3 sets to failure

Now that we’ve covered the weight training and cardio portions of phase two let’s get started with Diet Phase – Phase Two.

4 thoughts on “Phase 2 – Cardio

  1. Why doesn’t anybody comment here?

    Anyway, I am just moving on to phase 2, wish me luck.

    Editors Note: We just added the comment functionality about 2 weeks ago.

  2. I’m moving to phase 2, but I am not using supplements. What do you think guys? Can I make big gains without supplements?

  3. Why do you stick to just three ab exercises? I usually do P90X ab workout + incline crunches, ab-coaster, weighted ab-machine, front & side planks & dips, kneeling cable front and side pull-downs, leg-lifts, then cardio. Would I be better off doing more sets and fewer different types of exercises? Also, why do you split it up abs before and after cardio in phase 1?

    When it comes to cardio, I prefer elliptical. Is it ok to do the one type of cardio every time or should I try to mix it up?

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