Phase One – Supplement Guide

Fitness Model Supplement Tips

Using the right supplements at the right times during the abercrombie workout can greatly increase your results and help you achieve that perfect fitness modelappearance. Some people don’t think supplements are necessary, but they’re really a no brainer for anyone who wants to achieve that fitness model physique. At the very least using a quality whey protein supplement is a necessity.

Why you may ask, the most important reason is that you need to replenish your muscles immediately following a workout. The 60 minutes following your workout is known as your “window of opportunity” and this is the most important time to get protein and carbohydrates into your body. During this time your muscles are like a sponge and their able to soak up these muscle building nutrients at levels that are impossible to achieve at any other time during the day. So following your workout its vital that you ingest a protein that will digest quickly and get to your muscles to induce a high level of muscle growth, and no protein digests faster than a quality whey protein. Personally the protein shake I use and recommend is Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein.

Why Do I Need Whey Protein After My Workouts?

Whey protein is the fastest digesting protein and your body is capable of completely digesting it in about 30 minutes. This quick digestion allows the body to quickly reach its highest levels of protein synthesis and thus its highest levels of muscle growth. No other protein is able to digest quick enough to take advantage of the window of oppurtunity following your workouts.

Do I Need Anything Else After My Workouts?

For phase one of the abercrombie workout the only other thing that is vitally important following your workout is a source of simple carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates have the ability to increase your body’s insulin level. This increase in insulin literally “pushes” the amino acids from the protein into your muscles, resulting in increases in your body’s ability to grow muscle. You can get a good source of simple carbohydrates from drinks like Gatorade, grape juice, or any other dextrose based drink.


Multivitamins are probably the second most important supplement you can possibly use, right behind whey protein. For the human body to work at its peak it needs a precise amount of vital nutrients. Without these nutrients the body isn’t able to maximize it’s gains, recovery, growth, energy, and a vast majority of other vital functions.

In addition to this a good multivitamin is able to make everything you do more effective whether it’s your fitness workout, diet regimen, or supplement stack. Another important function of a multi-vitamin is its ability to supply the body with all the nutrients necessary to produce the male hormone testosterone, which is responsible for accelerated muscle growth. Personally I use Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men because of it’s quality and price point. (You may end up seeing a bit of a pattern here, Optimum Nutrition. What can I say they make great products haha)

We’ve Covered Our Post-Workout Supplements, But What Should We Take Pre-Workout?

During the first phase of the abercrombie workout nothing is required for pre-workout. However there are some supplements that can increase the effectiveness of the program such as nitric oxide/pre-workout supplements like Alpha Gx7 or Genius Pre (if you don’t like caffeine.) Both of these supplements are great pre-workout supplements that are able to increase your body’s energy levels and nitric oxide production.

An increase in nitric oxide production helps the blood vessels open wider allowing for more nutrients and oxygen to reach the muscle tissue. This increase in nutrients and oxygen being delivered to the muscles helps to create an anabolic environment that fosters muscle growth. Using a supplement like Alpha Gx7 or Genius Pre essentially preps your muscles for growth while at the same time increasing your energy levels prior to training. As stated earlier this isn’t a necessity during phase one of the abercrombie workout but it is very beneficial and if it’s within your budget it’s highly recommended.

Supplements Are to Expensive

Actually in the end they end up being cheaper than it would cost to not use them when taking into account the fact that you need to eat about once every 3 hours to keep your body in an anabolic state. Eating a full meal would end up costing a lot of money. On the other hand you can buy a five-pound jug of protein for about forty dollars. A five-pound jug of protein has over 70 servings in it which breaks down to a nutritious meal for around 50 cents. You can’t even buy something off McDonalds dollar menu for that price and your getting a quality meal that increases muscle growth and fat burning all in one.

Realistically by not going out to eat once every couple weeks you can easily afford a great supplement stack and honestly if you not serious enough to sacrifice going out to eat once every couple of weeks a workout can only do so much for you.

*For the complete list of recommended supplements visit the Abercrombie Workout Supplement Page.

Sample Supplement Schedule
Supplement Time Amount
Whey Protein Shake 9 am (Meal 2) 1 Scoop
Multi-Vitamin With Lunch 1/2 Daily Serving
Pre-Workout of Choice Pre-Workout 1-2 Scoops
Whey Protein Shake Post-Workout 1-2 Scoops
Multi-Vitamin With Dinner 1/2 Daily Serving

Now that we’ve covered the weight training workout, cardio routine, diet and supplement guides of our fitness model routine it’s time to move on to phase-two of the abercrombie workout. Don’t worry these next two phases are a bit quicker since we’ve covered most of the groundwork and basics during the first phase of the abercrombie workout.The Workout – Phase Two

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